Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year of Manifested Greatness!

365 days + 1….2012 has come to an end. The year definitely made its mark in the history books; from unprecedented tragedy to just as extraordinary triumphs, we all were on a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. Moments that stretched our faith and challenged what we could fathom possible for ourselves; moments that caused us to shed the cocoon of fear that kept us as sleeping caterpillars long awaiting the manifested dreams of our transformed selves; moments of hope that allowed us to connect with other beautiful souls that will continue to be the wind of love beneath our wings of courage as we take on new life. Yes….2012 was quite a year.

This is the time where we are all reflecting on the things that we have overcome and the memories that we have stored all while planning for the New Year…what we hope to get rid of, do more of, create, build, gain, restore. It all begins today.

As I sit here in my new home, which I just moved into yesterday, I bear a tremendous amount of gratitude for all that was in the last year. The lessons learned have been absolutely priceless. 366 days ago I began a journey to make a declaration everyday that reflected that which I wanted to see manifested in my daily life. I went into the year with the determination to embrace the purpose of my life and accept the promises of God that I so eloquently spoke of and encouraged others to pursue. Daily I declared “I AM WORTHY. I AM equipped. GOD’S plan IS at work in my life. And I AM occupying my purpose.”

I had to realize that I struggled with feeling that I could not accomplish my dreams and goals because somehow I wasn’t worthy of them. Or that I couldn’t have certain opportunities because I somehow didn’t have what it takes. I prayed to God, yet I wasn’t so sure that what I was going through was HIS plan for me, and that somehow I had interrupted that plan and my purpose was now obsolete.

*wipes brow* WHEW! Thank GOD He is in control and not me. If we were in control we would be passing out the death sentence for stepping on an ant wouldn’t we!?!?!?

Throughout the year I experienced the very essence of the words that I declared every day. There were moments that left me completely in awe of God’s grace and love, but I will admit that there were some moments where I found myself wondering why such crazy, inconvenient, unfortunate things had to happen.

I learned so much about myself and have definitely learned to appreciate ME more during this time. I am so grateful that I can accept the greatness inside of me as a right and not as an added bonus for good behavior. Even more so, I am grateful for understanding that living out loud is ok. Being the great, talented, fabulous person I was created to be gives way for others to do the same because I am an example of the possibilities in not being afraid to live.

It has taken me all of my life to really understand the meaning of SELF-CONFIDENCE. Sure we all know the definition of the term, but do we truly know how to LIVE in it? To TRULY be conscious of our own power and ability is the greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves, our loved ones….the world. We owe no one anything for the realization of self. It is our simple consciousness of our power; our love; our light in this great spectrum of life that allows us to dwell in and embrace the significance of our creation.

I AM worthy of every experience…every opportunity…every blessing…every miracle because it is God’s plan for me to live a life filled with examples of His love and grace. I AM equipped for the possibilities and challenges in life because I embrace the opportunity for growth in them all. God’s plan IS at work in my life because He is in control and even my biggest mistake couldn’t change His mind about the plan He created for me. And, yes, I AM occupying my purpose as I LIVE and share my love…my light…my life.

Declaration 365, try it for yourself and see what manifests for you this year.

Happy New Year!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

I made it!

One year ago I packed up my car and began a journey to continue my life with you. To some it seemed so “rushed”…"why now?"…"what’s the hurry?", they asked. My only response to any question was simply that “it was just time”. I had no idea what was to become of the union between you and I. I had shared this love for you secretly for years before we ever united and I knew, when I first felt your embrace nearly three years ago, I knew with you was where I wanted to be. I felt the call of destiny as I walked with you and learned of you. I felt that with you was where I belonged.

And although it took a while to get things going….awkwardly flirting around and trying to find any and every excuse to be with you…I knew that eventually this would be a union that I wouldn’t regret. I was in love. Smitten by your infallible ability to sweep me off my feet with your spontaneity, excitement, courage, creativity, boldness, beauty with a little touch of beast here and there, the endless possibilities that you bring and your willingness to share it all with me. Inspired by the subtle way you allow me to come into my own without missing an opportunity to teach me that I am amazing in my own right and deserving of every dream that I have and capable of achieving beyond what I see for myself.

I admit that this year has not been easy. We have had our share of struggles as with any new union. At times I have felt so disconnected from you, not really knowing how to catch up to you or with you for that matter. I have felt that I let you down by not walking tall and often allowing myself to be knocked off course by circumstance. I admit that I have lost my focus at times and shelved my own creative energy for an attempt to find place in yours. I am so appreciative that along this journey with you I have been blessed with an extended family that has reminded me that there’s plenty of room for me to be me. They are a group who inspires me and for whom I whisper many thanks to God for finding me worthy of their presence.

As I mark this year of growth, gratitude, discovery and hope I look forward to the endless possibilities and continued development of our future together. I pray that God would continue to bless us to compliment each other, that our endeavors and ventures be supported by His continued grace and favor and that our union be proof to others that they too can achieve longevity and success in their pursuits of passion (and happiness). I am forever grateful for this opportunity to share this space in time with you. I simply would not have it any other way. Not only am I in love with you…no, it is more than that…you are a part of me and now I a part of you and I look forward to creating much more life in this space.

I love you New York!

Happy Anniversary…..