Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Are You Saying?

 “Watch your words; they become actions.” ~ Unknown

One of the biggest downfalls people have is not realizing how much power we possess to command our destiny.  We have reduced to mere cliché the foundational proverb that Death and Life are in the power of the tongue…’ (Prov. 18:21 - KJV). And for those of us who are fully aware that our words have power, rarely do we use it.

Two weeks ago I committed to making a daily declaration for the remainder of the year. Every day for 75 days I was to devote one Facebook Status and one Twitter post (also known as a 'tweet' for the Twitter challenged *giggles*) to releasing into the atmosphere a demonstration of the power of words. On that first week, everyday, before I did anything else...I posted and tweeted my declaration.

The first week was absolutely awesome. Despite personal challenges I maintained a calming peace. I was victorious in most things, and for the things that didn’t quite turn out the way that I had hoped I was able to realize they were not a part of “the plan”. 


Much like I had the week prior, I woke up and fell into my routine. The only difference was that I said I was not going to post or tweet all day on that Monday. #EPICFAIL!

Can I just tell you that no matter how many cups of coffee I had, jovial songs I listened to, or friends I reached out to...the day was a mess! I was all over the place. Unfocused. Emotional. I just could not get it together. (Sounds kinda like PMS huh?) I needed “Coach” to pull me aside and give me a pep talk
for real!

Immediately I realized that this experience was a lesson. It wasn't punishment for not making the declaration, it was affirmation that WE HAVE THE POWER TO SET OUR ATMOSPHERE. What you release is what you get back. In my case I released nothing so I got nothing...I was stuck in the Twilight Zone somewhere between hope and despair.

Too often we reject rather than affirm, speaking negatively - what we can’t do, what we don’t have, who we can’t be. We toss around “impossibilities” as though they’re candy at a parade, but rarely do we take a stance to speak affirmatively in Faith and invoke the universe to action. God is responsive not reactive.
So with just shy of 60 days remaining in 2010 I challenge you to make a daily declaration that will awaken your destiny from its comatose state.

It's simple... What are you saying?


  1. Good post Shante. I will join you in that challenge. Have a great day.

  2. Sis, you are moving higher and wasn't chance that you met my mom a few years ago, nor was it chance that she was so adamant that we met!!! I thank God for a mother who cared so much about her child influences and saw the best in people... I love you as my BLOOD SISTER!! God Bless you and definitely keep giving GOD the glory!!! I am loving this! <3

  3. Great blog again. I'm a firm believer that you are what you speak. As a man thinketh (speaketh) so is he. Stay focused on your journey and continue living in the abundance of God.