Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Expectations

After last week’s post many of my friends, supporters, and followers took action and began to make their own declarations. It was humbling and inspiring to see others charging their atmosphere with the power of their words. I salute you all! And, I admonish anyone who has yet to employ the principle of commanding your destiny to START NOW!

In a recent conversation with a friend I was reminded of another foundational truth about the power that we posses. He said to me “I realized through your declaration that I can declare something all day, but if I don’t expect it to happen…the declaration is ineffective.”  

So you’ve made your declaration…but are you expecting it to happen?!?!?!

To make a declaration and not expect it to come to fruition is like walking around pregnant and not expecting to give birth. Just as a woman’s womb is impelled to contract at the time of birthing, your atmosphere is mandated to push forth your destiny when you command it with expectancy! *Queue the band, R. Kelly sings….If I can see it, then I can do it. If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it…*

If you don’t EXPECT greatness, it won’t ever come. Again, God is responsive…NOT reactive.

If you need some inspiration, this is my Mantra:

The contractions have started. I feel the pressure of the birthing of a new me...As my labor pangs increase and the pains of purpose and promise bear down on my womb to birth out my destiny...I encourage you to see me for who I am becoming and not for who I am now; for if you look too closely at MY NOW you won't recognize ME later.

***Please share your declarations below. You never know how your determination could inspire others to lay claim to their life. 

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  1. Man oh man. These are powerful words. I declare that I will my life on purpose to make a difference in the world I life.

    Awesome blog yet again.