Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are you living on purpose?

Honestly, when you sit with yourself and have those mental conversations about where you are in life and where you want to be, can you say that there’s a method to your madness? Is your vision laid out? During a season where people all around the world are talking of what they will do differently in the coming year, what can you honestly say that you will put in motion with strategy and intent?

A few weeks ago I spoke about making declarations and expecting them to manifest. I personally believe that a declaration far out weighs a New Year’s resolution hopeful. You can fall off the diet, quit going to the gym, renege on minimizing your spending habits…but DECLARE your destiny and watch the manifestation of purpose!

This year has been one of the best years of my life as I made the conscious decision to live on purpose. I stopped apologizing for not wanting to settle. I created a vision board and began to employ every ounce of my ability, while yielding totally to God’s plan, to achieve every goal. I have been surprised at how some of them have manifested, unprepared for the magnitude of others, and at times just down right blown away by the fact that this is my life.

So, I hope that you will include a destiny declaration with your new year’s resolutions. In so doing I encourage you to never be afraid to follow your heart and pursue your passions. I admonish you to "take some time and enjoy the view" (in my Barbara Walters voice…*giggles*). Live on purpose, in THIS moment, for tomorrow NEVER comes; it only exists in descriptive terms, and can not be traced...every day that you wake up is TODAY. Don't take your dreams to the grave with you, invest in your legacy, and most of all believe in yourself.  

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