Friday, December 31, 2010

Design of a Decade: An Epic Year in Review

75 days ago I began a commitment to making a daily declaration that I wanted to see manifest in my life. I had no idea that the things that happened during that time would completely set the stage for my life. I mean sure I wanted it, but I was totally unprepared for what was to come.

10 years ago I couldn’t even see myself at this point today. There have been times over the past decade that things just haven’t gone so well. I’m sure EVERYONE can attest to this. The lessons that I have learned, the wisdom that I have gained, the strength that has come…no matter what has happened it has all been essential to me being who I am today.

I have lost some great people during this time; of most importance would be the man that I called Daddy. I could not tell you that I have ever known anyone who loved like him. He was the greatest man in the universe in my opinion and the day that he left this earth my world was truly shaken. Our connection was what some would call unique. I simply say that it was designed by GOD and my Daddy was the greatest example of God’s promise to be whom and what you need when you need it. Although blood did not unite us, spirit and love did…I was his daughter, his baby girl…and he was my father, the greatest man on earth. Daddy I miss you and I hope that I am making you proud.

Other friends and family members have passed away and with the loss of those various relationships I have learned to try to cherish every moment that I have with those in my life. Every moment rather filled with anger or with love creates a memory. Let’s learn to create good memories.

I have experienced an insurmountable amount of God’s favor over the years. Crisis of health, faith, finances…yet God has been faithful. My heart is overwhelmed when I think of how awesome His love is and how He cared enough to keep me through it all. My love for God has been deepened and I honor Him.

2010 has been the greatest year of my life to date. I started this year determined for it to be that way. I declared some things that I wanted and I acted on them. I had some great people to encourage and support me along the way and I honor each of them. Some I have known all of my life, others I have met at various phases along the way, some I have just recently met, others I have not met at all, and some I have been reunited with after decades of separation.

My dear friend, Jamison Antoine, and I made a commitment to each other this year that 2010 would be a better life for us, that we would be living different by the end of the year. We were hungry for change and desperate to ‘live on purpose’. When something wasn’t working out we would sit down and come up with a “new plan A”. Our foundation for every move we made was birthed from 2 Kings 7: 3-4…what do we have to lose? If we do nothing we “die” because we aren’t doing what we want to be doing, and if we go for it we may fail. Our consensus…we’d rather go for it and fail than to sit and be miserable and unproductive.

So here we are at the end of the year and we both are able to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! With an abundance of God’s favor and His divine hand guiding us along the way, “it’s a different life already”.

As I prepare for 2011 I am expecting so much greater. I am looking forward to further growth and development. I am ready to receive the challenges that are guaranteed to come with open arms. I am prepared to shed some habits, mindsets, and insecurities. I am determined to continue to live out my potential. I will not run from my emotions or my problems. I am motivated to pursue greatness and not settle for less. I am empowered to reach my destiny. I will continue to live on purpose!

I hope you will do the same!

Happy New Year!

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