Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

*Tosses confetti & blows gazoo* 

Are you excited about 2011?!?!?!

Last year really taught me a lot about the power of perseverance. After employing the things that I have written about (Commanding destiny through declarations, expecting greatness, living on purpose, giving thanks, embracing new beginnings) I had the best year of my life. Yes, of my life.  

As we welcome the New Year and we all purpose to “turn over a new leaf” here are some things to consider putting into action. Actively subscribing to them can truly make a difference in you reaching your goals.

  1. Find a Mentor – Yes, even as adults you NEED a mentor. There is always someone who can add to your life and challenge you to grow. Often times this is more than one person as they may fill different roles (i.e. professional mentor, personal mentor, Spiritual mentor).
  2. Make a vision board – A vision board is a visual collage of those things that you desire to see manifest in your life. Not the superficial house, car, husband/wife type stuff but rather the burning soulful desires that you have…those things that you can see for yourself in your dreams and when you think of them your heart begins to race. Keeping those things in a place where you have to see them every day gives you a sense of accountability and motivation.

  3. Daily Declarations – Along with the concept of Vision Boarding comes verbally declaring each day what you desire to possess in all areas of your life. This is usually a foundational declaration that spans all aspects and may not be specific, but may be coupled with specific desires. Making this declaration daily is a demonstration of the power that we have to set our atmosphere. (See previous post “What Are You Saying” & “Great Expectations”)

  4. Be Intentional – Always live on purpose. When you set out to do something know what it is that you want from that experience and seek that. Don’t waste time flirting around with possibilities…go for them or move on to the next thing. However, be mindful to enjoy your journey.

  5. Take Calculated Risks – Challenge yourself to move beyond complacency and comfort. Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable for a moment in an effort to obtain that coveted goal. Count up the costs, make your plan and move forward. Sitting back paining over it will only result in you not doing anything…MAKE THE PLAN AND DO IT!

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