Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!!!

So we’re two weeks into the New Year, some of us have “fallen off the wagon” already with the New Year’s Resolutions that were set with such empty promise; some of us have gotten off to a slow start with refocusing our lives and setting goals for the year; some of us are energized and are experiencing incredible momentum and some of us have not even begun to put a plan in motion for maximizing the year. Which lane on the race track are you in? The good thing about this “race” is that you are only competing against yourself and you can stop for training, conditioning, or a complete rerouting at any time.

This is definitely a time where one MUST be proactive and learn to seize EVERY OPPORTUNITY that comes along. In fact, often times the only opportunities that are guaranteed are the ones you create…so don’t be afraid to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Exercising your creativity is what will open many of the doors that you will walk through.

There will be times when you may be required to evaluate something about your personality or even your character. A key to being successful is being able to accept criticism, correction and credit. No one ever does EVERYTHING right and once you acknowledge and accept your perfectly imperfect nature you will be able to accept these three a lot easier. Coming from the right source (with the right motive) these can all be empowering, however they can also be detrimental when the source is using them with the precision of a Sniper to take you out. Always remain open and flexible, if for no other reason than to be able to dodge the bullet of discouragement that can come to challenge you and make you want to give up.

Set backs are to be expected as well. Just when you think you have “found your footing” something can come along to shake you. RECOVER. Respect the shift, even if it comes at the expense of ALL that you have worked so hard to achieve. Know that NOTHING JUST HAPPENS and the divine plan working in the background is always working in our favor. RECOVER. Don’t allow what appears to be a failure to cause you to walk away from your destiny.

Most importantly NEVER allow another person to determine your worth. If you don’t know your value you can easily be taken by the lowest bidder. Respect and honor those who have “gone before you”, but don’t compromise your being for what appears to be opportunity. There will be others that don’t come at the price of your mental/emotional stability. Balance is essential in the relationships that we maintain. No one controls who or what you become other than you.  

Remember “slow and steady” wins the race…be consistent, be loyal, be committed, and ENDURE!

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