Monday, January 2, 2012

365 Days of Declaration: A Daily Declaration of Purpose & Promise

Happy New Year! 2012 is here! I am encouraging everyone to join me in making a daily declaration of purpose and promise. WE HAVE THE POWER TO SET OUR ATMOSPHERE through our words and thoughts; however it is not often that we truly take a stance to speak affirmatively in Faith and invoke the universe to action. A simple statement, a mantra of sorts…the “I think I can” as you go forward to live IN purpose ON purpose.

A declaration can be a source of empowerment for you while serving as “notice” to the atmosphere that you will NOT settle for less than you KNOW you can have.
Here’s how it works:
1.   Choose a declaration. A declaration should be personal and it should reflect what you are expecting to see manifest in your life each day over the next year.

2.   Meditate on & Believe in your declaration. I suggest keeping a journal where you can record “results” of your daily declaration. Begin your day with your declaration (add it to your morning prayer/meditation) and draw on it when times are challenging. Remember: You are taking control of your destiny…charging your atmosphere with your words!

3.   Post your declaration. Posting your declaration to your social networking sites, blogs, personal web pages, etc. is a way to motivate yourself, give you a sense of accountability and inspire others (once you commit to posting it daily your “followers” will begin to look for it).
It’s just that simple. Here is an example. (Please be sure to begin and end your declaration as shown below):
Declaration Day 001: I AM WORTHY. I AM equipped. GOD'S plan IS at work in my life & I WILL occupy my purpose. #Declaration365

I am so excited for each of you who have committed to a year of manifested purpose. Please be sure to share your experiences using the hashtag #Declaration365 so that we can support each other, and by inspired by your declarations!

To keep up with the #Declaration365 movement follow me on twitter (@AlshanteSquire).


  1. I really like this ideal of the daily declaration. I think the best part is keeping a journal and posting on your social networks for the sole reasons you stated. I for one will start a journal. I hope this turns out the way i plan and believe it will. I am very self disciplined and know this will work for me

  2. I am excited for you! Keeping a journal is VERY important throughout this process. Enjoy the journey. I hope to see your declarations. #Declaration365