Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peaks & Valleys

So after I wrote the last post I experienced a calm that was truly divine. Much like a father does, it was like God let me have my little tantrum while all the while He was preparing a blessing for me. As I went through the next week and a half I also realized something about myself…I AM A CHRONIC OVER ACHIEVER.

*Gasp* *Waits for the crowd to settle*

YES! I am constantly looking for more from myself so much so that I will flat out have anxiety about the slightest things. I mean, I literally could stress over choosing the right type of red cocktail napkin for a Super Bowl Party. In my effort to be the best and do my best I can often stress and become a bystander damaged by my own emotions.  

In those times when we find ourselves getting discouraged, overwhelmed, upset, anxious, etc. we have to learn how to take a step back and see a situation for what it is. It is natural for us to experience stress at some point, but sometimes our emotions are not warranted. Knowing when to let go, walk away, or just simply be still is just as important and essential as your zeal to succeed. Some things work themselves out and your stressing over them won’t change anything other than your blood pressure.


The journey that we are on to live out our purpose comes with some peaks and valleys that could possibly make the Grand Canyon look like flat terrain. But your ability to endure, embracing and learning from every mistake along the way, is what keeps you climbing. After a while you will realize that your current position is the peak of your last valley…and in looking back you’ve already accomplished greatness just by staying on the path.

Learn to celebrate your little victories along the way. If you waited until you reached your mountain top to pat yourself on the back your focus will only be on the fact that you made it to the top thereby overshadowing the fact that you weathered a storm, conquered a fear, learned a new skill, sacrificed your very life, gained strength, developed confidence, and overcame that looming habit of giving up. Each step has been a victory that makes the accomplishment of reaching your final destination intimately divine and full of purpose.
  So go ahead….take the next step. 

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