Thursday, May 26, 2011

Forfeiture vs. Defeat

Yes, I am behind on my posts. Sooooo, maybe I over committed a little when I said I would post every day. LOL. Honestly, I have tried to keep up with it. But I seem to have this mental laryngitis that has invaded my mind and stifled my "voice". As much as I have wanted to write, I have stared at the blank screen night after night with nothing to give. I have wanted to give some offering of encouragement, or sentiment of humor, or thought provoking power statement...but I have not come up with anything.

Have you ever been that way? You start out with good intentions and then along the way you start to lose momentum, you get frustrated with your lack of ability to produce the results you desired, and ultimately you turn your attention to something else leaving your task incomplete. Yep, by definition...YOU GIVE UP!

It's very easy to give up on something when you haven't invested a lot into it; but when you have sacrificed at times your very livelihood, lost sleep & weight, and your bank account's balance has been $0.95 for a month (*Praise Break for it not being negative*)...your only choice is to keep fighting because giving up seems to be a lot worse than losing to your opponent. To be defeated you have to at least have been in the fight. When you forfeit it's like looking at your opponent from across the ring seeing their 6 foot-everything stature to your 5 foot-nothing frame and determining you don't stand a you don't even get in the ring, you simply throw in the towel.

Defeat is a sign that you threw some punches, hit-or-miss; you may have been knocked down a couple of times but you showed resilience and got back up; you talked cash trash right down to the end and stood flat footed with confidence to boldly declare "the only way I'm going out is on a stretcher!" Yes, when you are in a fight for your purpose, your passion, your destiny...your very life is on the line.

Forfeiture on the other hand is the easy way out. You don't even have to try hard to simply don't show up and that is assumed for you. There is no accountability in forfeiting. And when you forfeit, all you will have wasted is the time it took to prepare for the fight, your reputation (which may not be able to be redeemed), your entire savings account, and (not that it really matters...) your pride.

Well, I'm putting my atmosphere on notice...I'm not giving up! I am determined to fight in every round until I win or I die!

*Ding* Next Round...

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