Saturday, June 4, 2011


*Wipes Brow* Whew!!!! So this time I haven't written because I have had A LOT going on. I'm finally catching my breath a bit AND it's 15 days until my big day so I wanted to check in with you.

I recently attended one of the most beautiful Wedding Ceremonies I think I have ever been to in my life. My former roommate used to tell me all the time about weddings like this, but even that didn't prepare me for what I experienced. It was my first REAL African Wedding, not an "African motif" or "African themed wedding" but a REAL African Wedding. My friend and his bride are from Nigeria (as was my former roommate).

This 2-day event included a traditional Nigerian ceremony known as the Engagement Ceremony. Although I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what was said ALL NIGHT (except Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, and Congratulations), I do know they had a GREAT time and partied hard because my sister and I left them still on the dance floor after midnight with at least 3 more items on the program. Technically this event (in their culture) is their wedding, however the second day was a traditional wedding ceremony with a Nigerian remix.

Everyone was dressed in very rich colors. There was color coordination for each family as well as friends. And somewhere there was a money tree I promise...and I'm not talking about the tree that you go pin your dollar bills on as your "gift" to the couple. In the Nigerian culture (maybe all African cultures do this, but I'm just going to play it safe and stick to what I KNOW) when the couple dances family and friends shower them with money. There are people who danced around them with bags that they filled up with the money that fell to the floor around them, then the money was collected in boxes - counted - and *ding* the blessed couple can now take the next year off and never miss a beat! Hey, they're a very generous group of people too...I got a couple of dollars as we did the Wobble to one of the African songs that was played!

Overall it was a great weekend. I saw some friends that I hadn't seen in years. Had some great food. Learned a lot. And had a great time. They say blondes have more fun though! (Yes, that is me with Blonde hair..LOL!)

After that it was on to the next nephew's graduation from High School. *Breaks open the box of kleenex* It was so surreal. My little A.J....graduating. WOW! Time really does move pretty fast and I guess I know how people feel when they look at me now that I've grown up. I'm so proud of him though. He's one of my favorite people on earth. I still can't believe he is about to go to college. *Sniff sniff*

In the midst of all of this celebration there were a few tragic things that happened that I won't go into detail about, but I will say this...LIFE GOES ON. Usually it's all up to you how you proceed. After the celebrations are over, caskets are closed, curtains have come down...there is more life to live beyond that moment. CHOOSE LIFE! 

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