Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

14 days to go! *Does the Cabbage Patch* 

Ok, so most everybody knows that last year marked my 30th year of life! I had been planning for that day since I turned 21. I had my theme, the location was set, I had picked out my party dress, met with the caterers....then I canceled everything! Yes, the day I had been waiting for had been trumped by something else. See, in December 2009 when I went to New York to see the ball drop and ended up not getting to see it because arriving at 10:30pm with the hopes of being behind the zany crowd of drunken tourists turned out to be a bit of a stretch. I mean who would think that the streets had been shut down since like 8 o'clock?!?! Well, at that very moment I made a vow to myself that I would not miss out on anything else that I really wanted to do.

So when it came time for my birthday, the opportunity to work an event hosted by Mary J Blige totally trumped spending an evening with people that I get to see on a regular basis. It would've been fun and all, but this was one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities and for a person trying to make it in the industry, it would have been STUPID not to do it. So yes, I took the money that I was going to spend and flew to New York to spend an evening amongst some of the industry's greatest talent and highly respected public figures. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, that said...I still want to celebrate my 30th birthday. So here we are a year later...and I'm having my postponed 30th birthday celebration! I will be celebrating with family and friends from the 16th - 20th at some of my favorite places in the South Florida area. This is not an official invite, but if you are interested in attending please contact me (*whispering* it's going to be a great time! *school girl giggle*)

In the spirit of celebrating me I am listing a few things that I want for my birthday. This is simply my effort to put into the atmosphere what I am hoping for. This is not a formal request to you as readers of this blog...ALTHOUGH any and all gifts are welcome and may be delivered (2217 SW 118th Ave, Miramar, FL 33025) or monetary gifts may be given via PayPal (email address:!

  1. A total of $1200 - Let me tell you why. I have the opportunity to work the American Black Film Festival this year and I am responsible for my own housing for 6 days on Miami Beach. This is another one of those "Last year's Mary J Blige event, Bucket List, You MUST do this" opportunities. (By the way if you have a hotel hook up PLEASE let me know!)

  2.  A day at the Spa - An hour massage w/ a Vichy Shower at Uhma Spa in Miami (

  3. Maya Angelou's Great Food All Day Long Cookbook

  4. A really good surprise...NO ONE has ever been able to surprise me EVER! So I would like to have a nice surprise this year. Maybe a visit from an old friend, a sunset boat ride, a shopping experience, a trip to one of my favorite cities....I don't know...I just want to see if someone can surprise me. LOL!

  5. Perfume - Ed Hardy the lighter Pink Bottle, DKNY Be Delicious (Green), Shi

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