Saturday, June 11, 2011

T Minus 9 days - Sometimes you have to go back to your roots....

When you need refreshing, uplifting, a reality check...when you need to feel at home, challenged, motivated...sometimes you have to go back to your roots. When things seem to not be going quite're frustrated, tired, and at the point of throwing your hands up....sometimes you have to go back to your roots.

Your roots...that place where you first experienced peace and joy. That place where you realized that you were at your best when you were there. That place that assures you that all may not be well right now but EVERYTHING IS going to be ALRIGHT.

Church is that place for me. My refuge, my fresh shower, my divine massage....and the service that I just attended was JUST what I needed.

Whatever your "roots" place is, when you find yourself in need of that refueling...find it and do not pass not collect $200! I hope that everyone who reads and follows this blog understands that my heart's desire is that everyone be encouraged by something that is read here. All of these words I have lived in some way and I hope that by peering into the "peep hole" of my life you are able to clearly see through the window of your own.

Peace and blessings to you all and thank you for following. Please continue to share with your friends and loved ones...who knows these may be a New York Times Best Seller! (*hint hint)

(*this was posted after midnight, but serves as Friday's post)

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